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FirstLine Schools

We believe New Orleans can be the first city in America where every child goes to a great school.

We are FirstLine Schools

We believe in the potential of every child.
We believe academic achievement leads to choices in life.
We believe students learn in English class and on the football field.
We believe a beautiful school is a sign of caring and creativity.
We believe that good manners show consideration for others. 

We know that all students can succeed in school.
We know this takes hard work, perseverance, and great teachers.
We know that some may take longer or need more help.
We know that learning to read is essential.
We know that all students can develop self-discipline.

Our teachers have high expectations for achievement and behavior.
Our boys write essays and grow vegetables. 
Our girls excel in math and science.  Everyone learns to cook.  We all pick up litter.

We value scholarship, integrity, and community.
We value our parents.
We value homework and recess.
We value a good challenge.

We value the opportunity to help make New Orleans the first city in America where every child goes to a good school.

FirstLine Schools - Education for Life

Mailing address: PO Box 791729, New Orleans, LA 70179
Physical address: 300 N. Broad Street, Suite 207, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone (504) 267-9038 | Fax (504) 287-0019